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4 types of tourists who arrive each summer to Barcelona

Barcelona is the most visited city in Spain and 5th in the world. Moreover is one of the funnies in the world. And this is not surprising due to the cultural, commercial and leisure activities that Barcelona offers. Millions of tourists from all around the world visit the city every year with the aim of enjoying the city. Although it is a destination that is visited throughout the year, summer is the time of year in which more tourism is coming. Tell that to citizen of Barcelona! Life surrounded by tourism becomes a bit stressful, but also funny and unpredictable.

As locals we are and after observing thousands of visitors every day, we have decided to write this post about the 4 types of tourists who land every summer in Barcelona. If you know Barcelona, you can guess any of them.

The hooligan

You have probably thought of a group of drunk foreigners to unexpected limits around Barceloneta, Ramblas or any other street of the Gothic Quarter and you of the streets of the Gothic and you thought: Yuck!


They are hungry of debauchery in order to do what they cannot in their country.

Where was this herd of pigs escaped? Normally they are characterized by their shouts, chants and irreverent behavior similar to Magaluf, Mallorca. This type of tourist, known as drunkenness tourism, is usually formed by groups of boys and girls between 18 and 30 who come to Barcelona in a party mood and debauchery. They are hungry of debauchery in order to do what they cannot in their country.

The cool

Also known as “modern or hipster” is a type of tourism that likes visiting the most fashionable places of the city such as the Raval, a colorful centrally located neighborhood that is so interesting and full of life, with a distinctive features that makes it stand out as one of the coolest neighborhoods in Barcelona.

Their holidays are based on enjoying the most modern clubs and bars of the city and acquire the coolest clothes, but also in knowing the underground cultural corners. They love culture and exclusive, they are people who love to stand out from other mortals by their look, style and social activities. They hate the typical and crowded places, they prefer to be mainstreamed, integrated and meet the authenticity of Barcelona.

When they go out, they have a drink first and at the end of the night they go dancing in clubs such as Razzmataz or Apolo to dance until dawn to the rhythm of techno, indie, rock or electropop.

The exclusive or Premium

As its name indicates, the exclusive or premium tourist comes to Barcelona in search of the most unique and exclusive plans. The beach club like Purobeach are their daily refuges for sunbathing while enjoying a good cocktail, soft drink or a cool glass of champagne, but they also go to stores in Passeig de Gràcia where they acquire expensive outfits to enjoy the night in Barcelona in well-known clubs like Sutton or CDLC.

W Barcelona-bpremium

This type of tourism come to Barcelona in search of the most unique and exclusive plans

They stay in hotels like W Barcelona or The Serras Hotel, places where they offer them unique terraces and pools to disconnect from their daily routine and enjoy holidays.

Culture buffs

Unlike others tourists, culture buffs look for cultural activities, they used to visit monuments and museums; maybe they go to the beach and go shopping. His greatest desire is to return home with more knowledge about the city. The more they have discovered Barcelona, the happier they will be.


They used to visit monuments and museums; maybe they go to the beach and go shopping

On their agenda there is no time for nightlife as their plans require getting up early and having a good breakfast to begin the cultural route with. Among the range of cultural activities they used to visit are the Roman ruins, medieval districts and the most beautiful examples of Modernism and vanguards of the twentieth century, as well as emblematic buildings of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domènech i Montaner. Moreover, they used to enjoy exhibitions and a full program of music, theater and dance.

admin • September 1, 2015

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