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5 types of single guys and where to find them in Barcelona

If Paris is the City of love, Barcelona could be the city of flirting.

Barcelona at Night Panoramic View

Each year nearly 8 million of tourists arrive in the city and a great number of them are single men looking for meeting new people. The booming leisure industry and the increasing internationalization of Barcelona, make that people from all nationalities choose Barcelona to spend their holidays and group trips.

This means that the growing single market of the Catalan capital is renewed and revalued year by year.

From Bpremium we show you a quick guide not to be missed when you go out looking for single men. Tell us what you are looking for and we will tell you where to find it!

1. The Bruiser

He is around his 30 and great part of his free time has been spent on his body. This logically has good results. Sculptural body, defined muscles and usually permanent tan. He is the typical muscled boy that has not found love yet or has recently finished a relationship. He is attracted by the crowded beaches of Barcelona, where he can show off himself. Also the cool clubs of the city, where hobnobs with other muscled guys.

Purobeach - Urban Oasis - Barcelona

Purobeach – Urban Oasis – Barcelona

They are a great choice in order to show off but be careful! He could be more in love of his muscles than of you.

Where to find him: Purobeach Barcelona

It is the first terrace in Barcelona that organizes an authentic Pool party, where people wear a swimsuit, dive into the pool and dance while taking some drinks and listening to the DJ set. It is the perfect place to be shown: models, gogos and a crowd of sculptural guys and girls meet here every weekend.

Purobeach terrace - Barcelona

Purobeach terrace – Barcelona

The best option is to rent a well located hammock and study the offer before taking action. Do not forget your sunglasses in order to avoid indiscreet looks!

2. Bon vivant and Classy guy

We can imagine him as a Mr. Clooney but little younger and ready to party. He is usually in town on business or on a friends trip ( a group of single men trip is always some good new).

He likes to know new and trendy spots, he is a quality lover and he doesn’t mind paying for that.


He is seen often at the VIP of the most popular clubs in town, surrounded by vodka and champagne and always enjoying with new people.

Thi type of single is a good bet if you can catch his attention!

Where to find him: CDLC Barcelona

This is the most beautiful and careful club at the Olympic Port area. Its balinese beds VIP are always plenty of interesting and classy people who don’t mind spending around 1000€ for it. It is one of the three clubs in Barcelona that has the award of World Finest Club, a title awarded to the best clubs in the world.

CDLC Barcelona VIP Lounge

CDLC Barcelona VIP Lounge

The quality cuisine of its restaurant, its elaborated cocktails menu and its monthly party programme make this the perfect place to meet sophisticated and classy singles in Barcelona.

3. Young, wild and free

Young and rebels, they enjoy life their way. He has no ties or appearances, he truly enjoy what he likes. And when he do that, he does his best.

He is the typical single difficult to catch. Until he falls in love. Since then, he becomes a hopeless romantic with a touch of madness that really charm to many women.


They look for the most genuine and rule-breaking clubs in town, where good music and concerts fill the programming.

Where to find him: Razzmatazz

5 rooms to miss out among music and drinks. This type of single loves a bit trash design so Razzmatazz fulfils all his expectations. Its small VIP is the perfect place to explore the dancefloor before getting lost in the crowds until finding the perfect partner for the night.

If you meet one of these specimen get ready! You will have one million night adventures!

4. Posh of the hight area.

Shirt, tweezers trousers and always shoes. This type of single is immediately recognizable. They enjoy by seeing and by being seen at the most fashionable clubs in town. They simply like impressing. This is why they always ask for the best table, at the best VIP in order to be seen. They usually go out in group and get around in luxury sports cars. Many of them have girlfriend, but most of them never party with her. So these groups are often only boy groups. They never miss any launch or opening party, and you can see them at the photocall taking photos and uploading them to their Insta account. It is a good choice but remember that all that glitters is not gold.

Sutton The Club - Barcelona

Sutton The Club – Barcelona

Where to find him: Sutton The Club

The Tusset street is the high class street in town. The main difference here is the average of the public depending on the day of the week. On Wednesdays young and international atmosphere, on Thursdays also young people with a mix of students and fresh graduates. During the weekend the average age increases and many popular faces of the city meet here. The VIP is always crowded and it is hot bed of gossips in town.

If you feel like getting people talking, this is absolutely your place to be.

5. Expats (or expatriates)

An expat is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a foreign country. It is the same thing that an immigrant with the difference that the expat typically moves due his job or in order to complete his formation. So, it is all about people with a good education and professional level, who don’t know the city and who are eager to meet new people and enjoy Barcelona. It is a very interesting singles group. They enjoy travelling, living new experiences and they are very social people. If you like planes, put an expat in your life!

The Serras Rooftop party - Barcelona

The Serras Rooftop party – Barcelona

Where to find him: The Serras Hotel

The Barcelona expats community is a very close-knit group. This is why if you meet an expat you will meet many people at the same time. They usually moves around the trendiest clubs in town and by the venues that are proprietary of (or managed by) other expats. Parties like the Sundays at The Serras Rooftop or the new party on Thursdays at its luxury cocktail club le Nine Bar are commonly crowded of Dutch, Brazilian, Italian or Swiss people. Variety is the spice of life, and meanwhile you can learn different lenguages!

The Serras Barcelona

The Serras Rooftop – Barcelona

Barcelona is a hive of people and the singles are the cherry on the cake. Don’t think it twice, go out to enjoy the city and find your perfect match!


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