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5 unique places in Barcelona you can visit this weekend

For this weekend’s Premium Plan, Abel Chica of Mágica Barcelona reveals 5 unique places to visit in Barcelona. Visit for more stories on places worth visiting in Barcelona written by lovers of this wonderful city. 

Barcelona is a great city to get lost in to discover hidden corners and fantastic places. Here are 5 places that, in my opinion, are a must:


Volta al mon. An excellent dinner-only restaurant where you can taste dishes from different countries that are exquisite, well-presented and made to share. But what makes it truly magical is its warm and welcoming atmosphere and its decoration, which pays homage to its name. The restaurant is full of objects from far-flung corners of the earth illuminated by a spectacular lamp. The staff is polite and attentive.


Les Gens que J´aime Pub. One of Barcelona’s landmark pubs open since the 1960’s. It’s worth visiting this bar that, despite its central location near Paseo de Gracia, goes unnoticed thanks to a discrete door that opens to a basement. Low lighting and modern decor create an intimate atmosphere inviting us to try one of the pub’s cocktails. Get there early because it gets full quickly.


Roomin Escape. If entertainment’s what you want, a visit to Roomin Escape is a must. This game of escapism has become a new trend with several branches in Barcelona, although we go to this one. It’s a game for groups of 2 – 5 people where you have to find the exit by gathering clues, searching for objects and solving riddles. An hour of fun is guaranteed.


Mercado de Sant Antoni. Another interesting option is visiting the Sunday market at Sant Antoni, where many stalls offer a great variety of objects like books, stamps, postcards, comics, vinyl and video games. It’s paradise if you’re a collector, and even if you aren’t you’re sure to find something that grabs your attention.


Parque del Labertinto. I recommend getting lost deep in this park. It has a special charm, full of magic corners with fountains, stalls, and of course its labyrinth, which gives the park an air of mystery. Enter the maze and try to find the exit. It’s not as easy as it seems. Free entrance on Sunday mornings.

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admin • January 23, 2015

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