Your inside guide to Barcelona's Premium Nightife



BEE’s are Bpremium loyalty points. Register with Bpremium for exclusive access to the best clubs, events and VIP services in Barcelona. Every time you use one of our services, like signing up on a guest list, buying tickets, or making restaurant reservations, you get more points added to your Bpremium account.

Where can I check how many BEE’s I have?

You can check your balance by clicking the log-in icon on the top right of the Bpremium website and accessing your account with your username and password. Don’t forget to check your Bee’s because you might have enough to exchange them for a gift!

BEE Points catalogue

Once you know how many BEE’s you have, you can check the available gifts in our catalogue or through the newsletters that we send every week.

Need more BEE’s for the gift you want?

If you want any of our gifts but don’t have enough BEE’s, don’t worry! You can buy the extra BEE’s you need. Each pack of 200 BEE’s costs just 2€!