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How to survive a night at Razzmatazz

There it was: Razzmatazz, the great beast of Barcelona’s clubbing scene. The huge, warehouse-like structure stood before us imposingly, challenging us: enter if you dare. I had heard legends about how Razzmatazz swallowed seasoned clubbers whole, getting them lost in its labyrinth of five rooms, and how they staggered out at 6 am as shadows of their former selves.

But we weren’t afraid. We walked into the belly of Razzmatazz with a few tricks to conquer this behemoth and still have the best night possible.

  1. A VIP Table goes a long way. Booking a VIP table for five through Bpremium turned out to be a good idea. We started the night drinking premium alcohol from a privileged seat overlooking Razz Club, the biggest of Razzmatazz’s five rooms. Our table also made a convenient home base, so we’d know where to look if (and when) anyone got lost. razz2
  2. Stick together while exploring. Navigating Razzmatazz is like journeying through a maze of music genres. But travel in packs, or risk being alone for the rest of the night. We started at The Loft, a reknowned techno-haven, before working our way to the Rex Room for some indie-electro beats. We then stumbled into what must have been the Pop Bar, judging by the old-school hip hop anthems blasting from the speakers. theloft
  3. Mark your dance territory. Razzmatazz is so big you never have to worry about elbows in your face. Still, it’s a good idea to stake out the dancefloor for a spot that’s halfway between the music and the bar. group
  4. Check out the smoking area. Even if you don’t smoke, the roof is a good place to rest your feet from all that dancing. It’s also a great place to socialize. A variety of music brings a variety of people, and you never know who you’ll meet up there. razzkiss
  5. Try to make it until closing time. Before we knew it, day was breaking over Barcelona and everyone was getting shown out of the club. But that didn’t mean the party had to end, according to the people in the street shouting, “after, after!” It was then we realized: partying at Razzmatazz was the beginning of a crazy Barcelona adventure. confetti

What are you waiting for? Come have a crazy fun time at Razzmatazz!

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