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Poble Espanyol

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Originally from Venezuela, the story of Fur Coat is about the passion for techno and electronic music. It is a tale of deep, dark and well-constructed blows, with capsules of cranial rhythms and sophisticated, created with the mission of making the feet move. It was this love for music that coincidentally united 2004 Sergio Muñoz and Israel Sunshine leading to a musical entanglement that today is at a high level in the industry, reaching position in the 66th position of the prestigious RA Top 100.


In 2010, Crosstown Rebels founder Damian Lazarus dug up Fur Coat and signed and released his debut EP 'Space Ballad'. However, it would be his release 'You and I' with the voice of Carl Golden in 2012 which would put the name of Fur Coat in the language of clubbers around the world. "You and me" became a global anthem.




Nick Curly is a vital figure to understand electronic music, has defined and shaped the underground sound for more than 10 years. Nick Curly plasma in his sets strength and power, claw, with many technological ingredients and the freshness of the analog. It is, in turn, capo and A & R of Cecille Records and 8Bit, two giants in the industry, but their productions have gone much further: Truesoul, Drumcode, Knee Deep in Sound, Second State or Saved.


It is an emblem of electronic music in the United Kingdom, perhaps because of its own party full of followers: Trust, or for its stellar appearances in the stages of BPM, Heart Miami, Ministry Of Sound, TimeWarp, Sonus, Eastern Electrics, or its residence in Watergate.




Mark Richards and James Eliot, originally from Manchester, are Solardo. Winners for best revelation artist in 2016 and best duo in 2017 for the acclaimed DJ Mag awards in England. his career has only just begun, the meteoric rise of this prolific duo is testimony to his hard work in the studio and his contagious energy in the club. With great productions on labels such as Hot Creations, Toolroom Records, Viva Music or Elrow.


With the sets featured in Circoloco, Glastonbury or Hï Ibiza, Solardo has positioned itself as one of the most tendentious artists in the world in a few years. His sets are an endless force and harmony, impossible mixes, worn soles, bass from beyond the grave hitting the brains strong and a special taste for dance music.




Steve Bug is a multifaceted artist who refuses to leave the spotlight. A dedicated, energetic and constantly surprising talent, Steve is nothing less than ambassador of electronic music, a spokesman much loved by the masses, and with good reason. He was born in the heyday of techno and German acid house, his great influences since his first musical career in 1993. Years later he would raise the empire of Poker Flat, his own label, classic, dark, but totally funky and full of groove. A blow to the minimalist club. And Steve is pure innovation, master class and experience, as a child would.


As musical partners of the sound of Poker Flat, their labels Dessous and later Audiomatique evolved: Dessous Catering for more classic deep house sounds fused with the avant-garde production of the best artists, while Audiomatique, which represents a very modern house and techno sound , of very crazy moments. Habitual in Fabric or Fuse.




Since his early years, Alex Kennon has always been interested in music. As a result, he began studying classical guitar at the age of 6 and then, thanks to his father, he entered the world of music through funk, punk rock and electronic rock. At age 15, Alex started working at the local radio. At first he became closer to house music and deep-tech sounds, and then was influenced by acid and dub styles. All this is essential to understand the musicality of Alex, not so inspired by different genres and trends, if not by what suggest their feelings, and for that reason is always progressing.


From 2012 to date Alex has seen his debut in Ushuaia, Privilege, Pacha Ibiza, Kudos Beach Festival, BPM to BBC Radio 1. At production level has references on labels like Saved, Ellum, Non Stop Music. A new milestone to follow on the world stage.


Andre Buljat


Born in Bonn, Germany, Andre has been obsessed with music from an early age. When I was 12 years old, I was experimenting on their first mixer and turntable, mixing mainly hip-hop and rap while living in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. At the age of 15 he was introduced to electronic music. At 17 he was weaving Techno and House, influenced by the sounds of Chicago and Detroit. Experiencing the momentum and raw energy of people like Derrick May, Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin had a huge impact on him and marked his course as D

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